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Sara Ireland

Sara Ireland is a dance teacher, choreographer, entrepreneur and creative spirit who had the vision to create a place where people could come together to support each other. Sara teaches tap, ballet, jazz and musical theatre as well as being the artistic director of SJ ARTS.

At the age of 15, Sara discovered that she was not going to be able to live her dream of going to the London Dance College after being told that she may never walk again. Following the life-changing experience of taking 3 years out of dance due to a major spinal operation and learning how to walk again, Sara has spent the last 25 years running her own dance & theatre school. Sara has taught all ages and levels, with many students have gone on to run their own dance companies and have careers on television, cruise ships and in the West End. Many of Sara’s previous students have returned to run events and teach within the school.

Sara’s teaching credits include:

  • AQA Teaching
  • GCSE & A Level Dance - 8 years
  • IDTA Graduate 1, Graduate 2, Associate
  • Licentiate in Ballet, Tap & Jazz
  • Downright Special
  • Child Development

Sara’s performing credits include:

  • TV dramas
  • Pantomime contracts
  • Judging dance across the country
  • Working alongside corporate events
  • Being a PA to the stars of TV & theatre

Additionally, Sara’s company has won awards over the past 25 years for its services in the entertainment industry.

After years of teaching in the school and from her home, Sara’s focus has remained people-centred, inspiring the new generation to be physically active and to go further in life.

Sara built her business through word-of-mouth, has organised a number of local events, and has raised just over £30,000 for various charities.

Sara has preserved the positive aspects of running a small dance and theatre school, nurturing friendliness, warmth and authenticity. Sara believes in encouraging and fostering creativity in a safe environment and, above all, she believes dance and theatre should be fun and accessible to all.


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